Metal Gear

University Gaming & Time Management

As the fall 2015 semester begins at Eastern and the consumer market marches towards the holiday season, the onslaught of video game releases have slowly started to pick up. Finding the time to play the abundance of new releases can be challenging when combined with even a light course load.

Time management can be a crucial skill for any college student to master, one that can plague freshmen and senior alike. Coupled with an intensive gaming habit, getting course work completed and even making it to class becomes a distant thought.

bpvfdricyae6hhe-1 The release of new games such as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and any classic time killer from the Call of Duty franchise, forces student gamers to squeeze every free second out of their schedule.

Going to class and even sleep isn’t even a consideration for some.

11984387_1027610883924567_1485437977_o Aaron Lamb, 19, sophomore, has been playing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain for 14 hours straight. He hasn’t bathed, slept, or gone to class since the games release at midnight of Sept, 1.

“I could really use some more game fuel,” says Lamb, as he reaches into his empty box of Mountain Dew.

There are those students of course that can manage their time more efficiently and have no problem balancing school and gaming. For those, new game releases, clan parties, and local tournaments are a welcome reprieve from the grind of a busy schedule. For others, the course work is just another obstacle in their desire to complete the next big tittle.