The New Haven Chronicles – Oribital Defiance exert

Here is an exert from orbital Defiance, the first book in the New Haven Chronicles series.  It’s heavy military sci-fi, so if that’s not your bag, than you likely won’t enjoy it.

Click this link, apparently to behold the PDF wonder.

Orbital Defiance



Here are a couple concepts I’ve posted on dA, but haven’t posted here yet.
This is the first WIP for a UN Mission patch.

This is a concept for a Commercial Orbital Transport, basically a passenger liner that can reach orbit.

Also, here’s an update for the Earth Map.  It sill needs some work in many areas but is closer to being done.

In other news, I’ve been working on the first episode, Orbital Decay, at a fairly regular pace.  Detailing the space combat has proven to be far more difficult than I originally imagined.  Trying to make it appear as realistic as possible, within the confines of the New Haven Universe, has proved to be quite a challenge, more so then any other sort of action scene I’ve ever written.  Nevertheless, I’m still on schedule to have the first draft done by the end of this month and if editing and revisions go well, then it should be ready to purchase through Amazon by August at the earliest.

Additionally, from now on, all stories that I release will be released exclusively through Amazon’s kindle marketplace. The short stories that have already been released, along with the timeline, will be revised and will be available for free since many have already seen them online, though they’re no longer available here or elsewhere.  It didn’t seem right to charge people for a story they’ve already read.

This is the pricing plan I intend to start out with, which may be adjusted depending on a number of variables.
Short stories will be .99 cents.
Novella’s such as Orbital Decay will be $3.99.
Full length novels will be $4.99.

I’ll likely wait until Orbital Decay is ready to be published, to re-release the old shorts along with a few new ones.