Amazon FireTV…A Game Console?

It would appear so. In addition to the vast array of streaming services the recently announced FireTV will have in order to compete with the likes of Apple TV/Chromecast/Roku, the FireTV console will play games as well. What these games are or how they will be delivered hasn’t been specified yet, but such developers as Disney and EA have been touted. Some games, playable with an Amazon designed controller, (they nailed the offset stick placement) will be available for under two dollars while thousands will be available for free.


To me, this indicates that the console won’t see a plethora of triple A Titles and powerhouses Microsoft and Sony don’t have a lot to worry about, for now. The low price indicates an aim towards smaller indie and mobile games, similar to the ones already available to via Android and IOS.

FireTV is said to retail for around $100, while the controller will cost you another $40.

For more details, see the following Gizmodo articles:



So it was my plan…intention to have my next book (Orbital Defiance, the first book in the New Haven Chronicles series) done by the first of march.  Yeah, that’s not going to happen.  Progress has been slower than I expected and it’s taking me longer to get through my second edit/revision than I had hoped.  And it still has to be given a look over by my newly acquired editor.  Yay, for fewer typos and grammatical errors.  I could try to rush it and do it half assed, but I really want to do it fully assed…what I mean is that I want to get it right.  I’m by no means a perfectionist, but there is certainly a line between good enough and the best you can make it.  And I’m not there yet.  Soon, but not yet.

Additionally, this has also pushed back a few other things.  A revised copy of Method of Life is coming…soonish, along with it being available through additional vendors as well as in physical copy.  There won’t be any story changes…probably.  So if you’re looking for that, than too bad.  This is mainly just another revision, from the editor I mentioned before.  It always helps to have another set of eyes, smarter eyes, look over your work.  When working on something for so long, you can begin to ignore problems that have been right there staring you in the face.  You also have to admit to yourself when you’ve done the most you can on your own and find outside help to get you to that next level.

I sort of want to add some things to Method, story wise, but I don’t know when I’ll find the time to write them.  It wouldn’t change the story, but rather expand on a few of the character relationships.
And then there is the issue of having two versions of the book out there.  Though at this point, so few people have bought it, read it, that it might not even matter.  I’m not exactly getting Harry Potter numbers here.  Not yet anyway.  You’re going down Potter!

A short story might accomplish the same thing, while not having to try and shoehorn two or three more scenes into the flow of the book.  I like that idea better I think.

Thank You…

Thanks to everyone who downloaded my book during the free promo. I hope you enjoy it and by all means leave a review.
Leaving a review on the Amazon sale page is very important, so if you did download or have bought it already, than I urge you to leave a comment there.  It really helps…and even if you didn’t like it, let me know.

Thanks again.
Method of Life


Also, here’s a missile launcher I made today.  Enjoy.missile

My novel for free, through Christmas…and the Walking Dead Game…

Another shameless plug.

My book, Method of Life, will be free beginning Christmas day, through 12-29-12.  If you haven’t already purchased a copy, than this is your chance to get it for zero dollars.  You’ve got nothing to lose and it would help me out immensely if you download it, even if you never read…though I hope you do.

Also a reminder, if you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the kindle reader app for your your phone, tablet, or computer.


On another note, I finished the Walking Dead Game.  I’ve had videogames effect me emotionally before, but never this strongly.  I teared up during the big death scene in Gears of War 3, and was left feeling gutted at the end of Mass Effect 3, aside from the gut wrenching deaths of more than a few characters throughout that game.  That being said, never before have I had a game push me emotionally through every stage.  The instances I cited, were short and once done, they were largely over and I could begin to move on.  That wasn’t the case with the Walking Dead.

There are moments when Clementine looks at you, and she breaks your heart.  People die and it’s like getting punched in the stomach because you don’t see it coming.  And the end…I’m not sure I can put it into words.

Sure, there are parts of the game that are clunky.  A few times throughout the game, the facial expressions don’t match up with how the character is actually responding, though it becomes less of an issue as the game progresses.  I’m not sure if I stopped noticing, or if they simply got better.  Either way, it’s a minor part.  The game is fun, trying, and the story hits every mark it aims for, often surpassing those goals.

As far as storytelling in games is concerned, The WD, has to be near the top of any list, which is an achievements all on its own.  Forget that the game is fun to play, looks uniquely stylized, and is fully fleshed out.  The mere fact TellTale achieved a story on par with anything the Tripple-A studios have done, speaks volumes, not a=only about their capabilities but where the future of story telling in games can and no doubt will go in the next generation.

If you like games at all, you owe it to yourself to play this.  If you like zombies, play it.  If you like the Walking Dead, play it.  I doubt you will be disappointed.  It’s not only the best game I’ve played this year, or in recent memory, it may very well be my favorite game of all time.

I hope there is a Season 2.

The Sensible Thing to do…

Method of Life has a snazzy new cover.  If it’s not showing up in the thumbnail, as it isn’t for me, than something must be wrong in the Interwebs.  Maybe the tubes are clogged.  I don’t know, I’m not an IT guy.  Trust me, there’s a new cover.  Go ahead and click the link and see for yourself.

While you’re there looking at the new cover, go ahead and let your mouse/finger slide on over to the Buy button.  It feels good doesn’t it, almost natural.  It’s as if your entire life has been building towards this one moment.  As if, your sole purpose on this earth has finally been revealed to you.  You’re welcome.

You know what feels even better, actually buying a copy, which you can do right now for the low, low price of $2.99.  That’s quite a deal.  I’m practically giving it away…and starting Dec. 25, I will be giving it away.  Starting Christmas day, you can download Method for Free, so there is no excuse for not getting, unless you hate me and if that’s the case than why are we online acquaintances?  That just seems wrong.

No worries.  We’ll work it out later after you’re done buying my book.

So buy it now or wait a few more days and get it for free.  Either way is cool, unless as we discussed previously, we’re not really friends.  In which case you should make it up to me by buying several copies of my book.  It’s really the only sensible thing to do.  Buy Me!

Writing breaks & goals, and the new tv season…

I’m taking a break from Orbital Decay, for at least a month. I’ve been working on it for over a year and I’m getting a bit cross eyed. It will be good to get away from it for a while and come back at with a fresh set of eyes. Even with a month away from it, I should be able to make my end of the year release goal.

In the mean time, I will turn my attention to a number of other things:

Updating a short story I wrote several years ago that isn’t connected to any other project

The New Haven Chronicles Timeline needs some revision and I’d like to get it squared away before Orbital Decay is released. There are also a handful of New Haven related short stories that I want to try and work on. Some that require completion of a first draft and others that need revision.

Most importantly though, I need to start work on the second book in the Fall of Man series, the sequel to Method of Life…or rather I need to take what I have written already and start putting it towards the final story I want to tell. I’ve got about sixty to seven thousands words already down, but I’m not sure how much of that will survive once I really get into it. It’s a good amount to start with and work through, so I’m hoping that the next installment won’t take as long as the first one; which took several years.

I started putting together ideas for what I would eventually become The Fall of Man, when I was still in high school, back in the late 90’s. It’s taken from then to now to get the story contained within Method of Life down on paper, so to speak. Along the way, much of the rest of the series was planned out and some of the books are already started and well into development, so any large changes or massive rewrites, it shouldn’t take as long for the next book to see the light of day.

So if anyone has made it this far into the post, what do you think of the new fall tv lineup? Any new decent shows on the horizon? I’ve seen a couple new ones already, through legal means, Revolution and Last Resort. I enjoyed Last Resort and I’ll probably keep up with it, simply for mindless fun. Neither show however is exactly pushing any boundaries.

Of course the big draws are on HBO and AMC. Boardwalk Empire and Treme are back. They’re not my personal favorites but are worth checking out. The Walking Dead will also be back soon, though because of the falling out between AMC and Dish Network, I won’t be seeing it. Hopefully I can find an alternative method to get my zombie fix this fall/winter.

So what are you watching?

Method of Life awaits your discovery.