Writing breaks & goals, and the new tv season…

I’m taking a break from Orbital Decay, for at least a month. I’ve been working on it for over a year and I’m getting a bit cross eyed. It will be good to get away from it for a while and come back at with a fresh set of eyes. Even with a month away from it, I should be able to make my end of the year release goal.

In the mean time, I will turn my attention to a number of other things:

Updating a short story I wrote several years ago that isn’t connected to any other project

The New Haven Chronicles Timeline needs some revision and I’d like to get it squared away before Orbital Decay is released. There are also a handful of New Haven related short stories that I want to try and work on. Some that require completion of a first draft and others that need revision.

Most importantly though, I need to start work on the second book in the Fall of Man series, the sequel to Method of Life…or rather I need to take what I have written already and start putting it towards the final story I want to tell. I’ve got about sixty to seven thousands words already down, but I’m not sure how much of that will survive once I really get into it. It’s a good amount to start with and work through, so I’m hoping that the next installment won’t take as long as the first one; which took several years.

I started putting together ideas for what I would eventually become The Fall of Man, when I was still in high school, back in the late 90’s. It’s taken from then to now to get the story contained within Method of Life down on paper, so to speak. Along the way, much of the rest of the series was planned out and some of the books are already started and well into development, so any large changes or massive rewrites, it shouldn’t take as long for the next book to see the light of day.

So if anyone has made it this far into the post, what do you think of the new fall tv lineup? Any new decent shows on the horizon? I’ve seen a couple new ones already, through legal means, Revolution and Last Resort. I enjoyed Last Resort and I’ll probably keep up with it, simply for mindless fun. Neither show however is exactly pushing any boundaries.

Of course the big draws are on HBO and AMC. Boardwalk Empire and Treme are back. They’re not my personal favorites but are worth checking out. The Walking Dead will also be back soon, though because of the falling out between AMC and Dish Network, I won’t be seeing it. Hopefully I can find an alternative method to get my zombie fix this fall/winter.

So what are you watching?

Method of Life awaits your discovery.



Here are a couple concepts I’ve posted on dA, but haven’t posted here yet.
This is the first WIP for a UN Mission patch.

This is a concept for a Commercial Orbital Transport, basically a passenger liner that can reach orbit.

Also, here’s an update for the Earth Map.  It sill needs some work in many areas but is closer to being done.

In other news, I’ve been working on the first episode, Orbital Decay, at a fairly regular pace.  Detailing the space combat has proven to be far more difficult than I originally imagined.  Trying to make it appear as realistic as possible, within the confines of the New Haven Universe, has proved to be quite a challenge, more so then any other sort of action scene I’ve ever written.  Nevertheless, I’m still on schedule to have the first draft done by the end of this month and if editing and revisions go well, then it should be ready to purchase through Amazon by August at the earliest.

Additionally, from now on, all stories that I release will be released exclusively through Amazon’s kindle marketplace. The short stories that have already been released, along with the timeline, will be revised and will be available for free since many have already seen them online, though they’re no longer available here or elsewhere.  It didn’t seem right to charge people for a story they’ve already read.

This is the pricing plan I intend to start out with, which may be adjusted depending on a number of variables.
Short stories will be .99 cents.
Novella’s such as Orbital Decay will be $3.99.
Full length novels will be $4.99.

I’ll likely wait until Orbital Decay is ready to be published, to re-release the old shorts along with a few new ones.

The New Haven Chronicles Timeline: Part Three

Here is the working draft of the third and final part of the timeline. This part takes us from part two left off, up to the point where the first episode, Orbital Decay, begins. So take a look and see how the war began.

The New Haven Chronicles – Timeline Part Three

The New Haven Chronicles – Timeline Part Two

The New Haven Chronicles – Timeline Part One

Time Line: Part Three…

Good news.  I powered through over half of Part Three today, so baring any crippling hand injuries or major bouts of writers laze, it should be ready to go on Friday.  The earlier the better as I always say….actually I’ve never said that, but it’s true nonetheless.  The sooner I can finish part three, the sooner I can move on to focusing on the next short for the following Friday.

I have three more short stories planned before releasing the first official episode, Orbital Decay, so by my calculation if everything goes according to plan and I maintain the one release a week schedule, Orbital Decay should be out in March at the earliest.  That is of course assuming it’s done by then.  Fingers crossed.

Timeline Update….

Aside from part two of the timeline, which will be done later today and posted Friday, I’m hoping to get to a few revisions I need to tackle in part one.  Nothing major, just some editing and clarifying a few details.  Part Two is shaping up nicely and is filled with all kinds of details regarding how the Corporations rose to power and how the new United Nations was formed.  The formation of the new UN….it’s a probably a bit different then what you’re expecting.  I tried to take a different approach and while I think it’s certainly unique, I’m not sure if it’s entirely believable.  I like it though so it may be one of those rare instances where I make the call to keep some details or backstory in place, whether it’s realistic or not.  As the creator, I get to make such calls. lol

Part Two also outlines the beginning of the rift that will eventually lead to the conflict this series is actually about.  It’s not as slow and gradual as I would have liked, at least not yet, or maybe not as detailed….there are parts of the timeline where I feel like I cover things that don’t really matter but are important to me.  For example, there are numerous mentions of advancements in organ transplant technology.  This will likely never come up in the series, though it’s important to me because I’m an organ transplant recipient….liver in case you were wondering.

I guess its a balancing act somewhat, picking what to include versus what can be left out.  And I can always go back and fill in the gaps later.  I suppose ultimately as long as the audience is able to follow along and remains interested, then that’s all that matters to some degree.

And because of that, I’d better get back to work.  See you Friday.


The New Haven Timeline: The Decline of Man

Here it is.

This part of the timeline chronicles the further worsening of current economic, political, and environmental conditions around the world.  It also highlights the development of several important technologies such as paper thin computer surfaces, highspeed railways across North America, and the the first stages of our steps towards fusion based technologies.  This part of the timeline also Chronicles what becomes a global showdown in the middle-east region over the consumption of petroleum, resulting in the eventual exchange of nuclear weapons.

The New Haven Chronicles – Timeline Part One

You can also find the complete text of Part One, posed in the ‘Timeline’ tab above.