Solar Corporations

Solar System Guide: New Haven

This is my first attempt to create a Solar System Map, depicting the various locations and positions of the four inner planets, along with the Lagrangian points for Sun-Earth, Sun-Mars, and Earth-Mars and a handful of important military bases.

Orbital Dynamics (around which gravitational body you’re orbiting, your place in orbit around that body, and the time/power/fuel/energy/ needed to travel along an orbit of that body to achieve a better position to deploy your weapons) will play a vital role in the depiction of combat in New Haven. Almost all space oriented combat occurring during the series, takes place with both sides in orbit of a large gravitational force, whether it be a planet, moon, or Lagrangian point.

For right now, this is a simple guide designed to provide a very basic sense of where things are in the solar system in April of 2164. It could stand to be a fair bit more precise and definitely needs some work in that regard. For now though, it’s just a simple graphical aid for story planning.

Anyway, I thought I’d share it in case anyone else is interested.
This is a work in progress and by no means perfect, or finished.


Timeline Update….

Aside from part two of the timeline, which will be done later today and posted Friday, I’m hoping to get to a few revisions I need to tackle in part one.  Nothing major, just some editing and clarifying a few details.  Part Two is shaping up nicely and is filled with all kinds of details regarding how the Corporations rose to power and how the new United Nations was formed.  The formation of the new UN….it’s a probably a bit different then what you’re expecting.  I tried to take a different approach and while I think it’s certainly unique, I’m not sure if it’s entirely believable.  I like it though so it may be one of those rare instances where I make the call to keep some details or backstory in place, whether it’s realistic or not.  As the creator, I get to make such calls. lol

Part Two also outlines the beginning of the rift that will eventually lead to the conflict this series is actually about.  It’s not as slow and gradual as I would have liked, at least not yet, or maybe not as detailed….there are parts of the timeline where I feel like I cover things that don’t really matter but are important to me.  For example, there are numerous mentions of advancements in organ transplant technology.  This will likely never come up in the series, though it’s important to me because I’m an organ transplant recipient….liver in case you were wondering.

I guess its a balancing act somewhat, picking what to include versus what can be left out.  And I can always go back and fill in the gaps later.  I suppose ultimately as long as the audience is able to follow along and remains interested, then that’s all that matters to some degree.

And because of that, I’d better get back to work.  See you Friday.