Star Trek Online

An STO Playlist

Here’s the link to the playlist I’ve set up on YouTube for my Star Trek Online videos.

Star Trek Online…or as I like to call it, Kill as Many Aliens as Possible

Here’s a few minutes of me killing some aliens in space, specifically Tholians.  If you check it out, please take a few seconds to Like the video and Subscribe to my channel.  It only takes a second and helps me out tremendously.


STO – Episode Four

Here’s the link to my STO Playlist where you can see Episode Five & Six.  Any further STO videos I make will be uploaded there as well.

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Star Trek Online Gameplay

I’ve been playing STO for a while now, though not so much recently.  I’ve gotten back into it as a way to try my my had at capturing some gamepaly.  So here’s two minutes of me getting beaten by a couple of clearly superior Voth battleships.