A Gaming Home, Away From Home

In the lower level of the Powell building, Tech Commons maintains a number of game consoles and games which students can use and check out during their off hours. The sanctuary away from the busy campus is a place where those needing to scratch the gaming itch can go to play with friends or battle against strangers in host of virtual competitive worlds.

Maintaining a wide variety of game systems, including Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo, Tech Commons in the lower Powell offers gamers a place to game outside of their dorm.

Nolan Kutzman, a sophomore Network Security major, says, “It’s a nice break in between classes for when you don’t want to go back to your room.”

12096496_10207110058046387_5057427871790578540_nIntroduced this semester, the Game Cave is a PC/Steam based exclusive gaming haven. With the availability of Steam, the Game Cave opens up not only a wide range of competitive multiplayer titles, but any single player titles that can be downloaded via steam.12106935_10207110058446397_1314099119015241213_n


The Eastern Kentucky University Gaming Institute

Eastern is now home to Eastern Kentucky University Gaming Institute, the first bachelor’s degree program focusing on game design in the state. Starting this previous summer and fall, a host of new courses were offered, focusing on design, development, and publication of video games within an academic context.

For the first time, students in Kentucky wishing to learn the intricacies of game design, won’t have to pursue an expensive out of state education.

The Gaming Institute will host a Game Jam in the Wallace building, Friday October 23 through the 25. Entrants will be tasked with creating a complete game within the 48-hour time span.


For more information on Eastern Kentucky University Gaming Institute, the Game Jam, or students wishing to register for classes, contact Dr. George V Landon:

EKU Gaming Institute

521 Lancaster Ave.

403 Wallace Building

Richmond, KY 40475

Local Game Studio Scores License to a Cult Classic

Gun Media, a local same studio based in Lexington Ky, has scored the official license for Friday the 13th license. Originally intended to simply pay tribute to the cult classic horror film series as a game called Summer Camp, the game soon became much more when Sean S. Cunningham reached out to the creative team. He gifted them them the commercial license, allowing Gun Media to become an officially licensed title. Now with the help of the creative talents of those that made the franchise what it is, horror game fans can finally play as Jason Voorhees and strike fear into the hearts of those foolish enough to venture out alone at Camp Crystal Lake.

Looking to create a unique experience for players, the game will feature asymmetric multiplayer. One player taking on the role of the iconic Jason Voorhees, while seven other players take on the roles of various archetypal camp counselors. The counselors can work together to reach preset goals or go it alone and forsaking all allegiances, so long as you manage to survive.

“We’ve been talking about Friday the 13th games for twenty years. There was never a particular good idea. As luck would have it, we pulled it together and here we are,” says Cunningham.

Gun Media has its work cut out for it however because with the gift of the official license, comes with it the horde of horror fans who expect the property to be treated with respect and the game to do their beloved franchise justice.

Having $462,159 of the $700,000 goal pledged thus far with 24 days left to go on their Kickstarter campaign, the project has a strong chance of reaching its mark.

University Gaming & Time Management

As the fall 2015 semester begins at Eastern and the consumer market marches towards the holiday season, the onslaught of video game releases have slowly started to pick up. Finding the time to play the abundance of new releases can be challenging when combined with even a light course load.

Time management can be a crucial skill for any college student to master, one that can plague freshmen and senior alike. Coupled with an intensive gaming habit, getting course work completed and even making it to class becomes a distant thought.

bpvfdricyae6hhe-1 The release of new games such as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and any classic time killer from the Call of Duty franchise, forces student gamers to squeeze every free second out of their schedule.

Going to class and even sleep isn’t even a consideration for some.

11984387_1027610883924567_1485437977_o Aaron Lamb, 19, sophomore, has been playing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain for 14 hours straight. He hasn’t bathed, slept, or gone to class since the games release at midnight of Sept, 1.

“I could really use some more game fuel,” says Lamb, as he reaches into his empty box of Mountain Dew.

There are those students of course that can manage their time more efficiently and have no problem balancing school and gaming. For those, new game releases, clan parties, and local tournaments are a welcome reprieve from the grind of a busy schedule. For others, the course work is just another obstacle in their desire to complete the next big tittle.

It’s not that bad…

About Microsoft and always on…

Yes, it’s about piracy and used games. This pretty much goes without saying. They want to make sure the game you’re playing are legit and if is, and it should be, why does should that matter. It doesn’t to me. You know what’s also always on and connected, my PC and cell phone. Yes I may lose coverage in certain areas and that’s annoying but they’re always working to expand better coverage and that represents what I think Microsoft is really doing here.

We all know all digital disc-less games are coming. We’re there with music, tv, and movies and games are next. They problem is that games are big and a lot of people still have slow Internet or no Internet at all. That’s a problem.

One way to fix this, is to create an incredibly popular service that demands a high speed Internet infrastructure. If the need is there, service providers will have no choice but to comply to meet the demand of their consumers. And if they won’t, someone will enter the market to fill that void because money is there to be made. Google Fiber stands to make a small fortune if they can ramp up production of their own high speed Internet service, but that doesn’t seem to be happening right now. Sow for now, we’re stuck with slower speeds.

Microsoft isn’t settling for what the market and consumers want right now. The 360 taught them that they’ll need to be adaptable as the gaming landscape changes. Compare what was available on the first 360 to what you can do with that machine now and the difference is substantial. Microsoft is banking on the future where gamers will download all their media, including games, in a time when you’ll not only need to be always on, but want to always be online and connected.

The Xbox One may not live up to its potential on day one, but in time, with some refinement, it has the potential to be something truly great.  The people crying that Microsoft is doomed, based solely on what they saw yesterday are failing to see the larger picture.  In less than three weeks, Microsoft will no doubt showcase a plethora of games at E3.  Between now and then and even after that up to the point the console actually launches, they’ll likely spend a great deal of time on their message, branding, and clarifying what the console can and can’t do on day one.  And realistically until people actually get their hands on it, I remain optimistic about its potential.  Secondly, they couldn’t show everything yesterday, because they need things to show at E3 so any expecting a nonstop lineup of games going in, was going to be disappointed no matter what.

Lets keep in mind that Sony hasn’t even shown what they’re actual console looks like yet.  Yesterday, Microsoft was showing a working console.  And the WiiU isn’t even in the same class.  It’s a current gen console at best, with two of it’s major games, Batman and Mass Effect, already long over on its competitors consoles.  And do we actually remember the Nintendo press conference?  Ninetnedo only showed the tablet, never making it clear until after the press conference that it was indeed a new console and not just a new peripheral for the Wii.

None of the big three have exactly come out and taken the top spot yet, and to claim a winner at his point is simply ridiculous.