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Method of Life: a new synopsis

I’ve updated the synopsis for Method of Life, trying to make it a bit more catchy and succinct. It will take a few hours for the new version to show up, though the book will still be available during that time.

In The Future:

There was no great war of nations, no thundering voice from the sky unleashing a rapture of judgment on the kneeling masses, and no great extinction level event of cataclysmic proportions. The Fall of Man came incrementally over half a century, in the form of economic and social decay, spiraling civilization into collapse without so much as a whimper.

At least that’s the story people believed.

Many had tried throughout human history to control the world. Dictators had conquered half the globe and free men had seen their efforts squandered by the selfish masses. Never had either side done as much to unite humanity in common cause, as Jacob Morrison. Where they had failed, he succeeded, binding humanity in a single effort to halt his reign of destruction across the world.

Together, they repaid his treason with blindfolded gunfire. And after a time, all that remained of his legacy was a son that had never known his father and the broken world left to rebuild.

The Method of Life:

Caleb Johansen has spent his life hidden away from those who might wish to see him answer for his fathers crimes against the world. In an effort to to blame anyone for their poor lot in life, the past has finally caught up with him in the town of Rosa. A resettlement camp abandoned by the government and turned self sufficient community, Rosa is an island amid the wasteland that stretches out between the privately owned Districts, where a lucky few live lives of luxury.

As his ailing guardian prepares him for the next step in his life, Caleb must entrust his future to soldiers of fortune hired to ensure his protection. Harmon McCullough is such a man, though not without a conscience and the understanding of the larger stakes in play and the risks involved for the band of brothers standing with him and friends on the wrong side of his mission.

Creasy is one such friend, and must contend with the one obstacle Harmon presents, a currency not in great supply. Dispatched from the District New Haven to take Caleb into custody by any means necessary, Harmon and Creasy will meet for the last time in Rosa, both with the realization that nothing can stand in the way of completing their missions.

Caught in the middle of their everyday lives, Alaster and Veda Nelthrope must contend with being swept into the whirlwind of danger sweeping through Rosa. With problems of their own, their lives may never be the same as the interaction with events unfolding around them force resolutions from aspects of their lives they both had been afraid to face.

One night will change their lives forever and by the time the sun rises, their worlds will never be the same.

On another note, if you missed Wednesday’s XKCD Comic: Click and Drag  it is definitely worth checking out.  It’s truly amazing.



It’s been several months since I’ve updated this bloggy thing.  I’ve been busy writing though, so it’s an acceptable absence I think.  By the end of the Summer, tow books, Method of Life and Orbital Decay will both be available for your reading pleasure via  I’m publishing them myself as Ebooks, because an actual book you can hold in your hands printed from a reputable publisher, is so last century.  At some point I’ll get around to actually publishing physical books, if only because it will be nice to have them sitting on my book shelf, but until then the electronic version will have to suffice.

I watched some great E3 coverage this past week, from IGN and G4.  There were far too many highlights to cover here though.  I’m still not sold on the WII U, though with a more normal gaming controller, that is very much like the 360 controller, and HD graphics, the system certainly has potential.  I didn’t seen anything yet that really blew me away, but developers get a better handle on it, there could be some good games…once they get away from games I’ve already played on other systems.  ME3 and Batman: Akrham City as launch titles.  Really, you couldn’t find anyone to make new titles to replace or out do these obvious ports.  The fact that two of Nintendo’s launch titles are ports from other systems, doesn’t exactly feel me with a great amount of excitement for the WII U. If anyone buys the WII U specifically for those games, they should save themselves some money and just buy a used 360 and a used copy of both games.  Hell, you can do that right now without having to wait for the WII U to launch, do it cheaper,  and have a multiplayer experience that you know for sure will work…or a PS3.   I hear they have online functionality that works…most of the time.

At any rate, Nintendo could have done much better.

That is all.