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Free Ebook Promotion…

Get my ebook for free, today thru Saturday on Amazon. Method of Life

But I don’t have one of those fancy Kindles.  That doesn’t matter.  If you’re reading this, than you have a computer…obviously.  You can get the Kindle App for your computer, PC’s and Mac’s.  So there is no excuse, unless you don’t like to read and if that’s the case than what the hell are you doing looking at this blog with all these words.  Go somewhere else, where there are just pictures.

But I’m not down with Amazon or their Kindle.

Fine.  You’ll just have to wait a little longer to read the greatness that is Method of Life.  It will be available through other ebook services in a few months…there might even be a hard copy if that’s your bag.  Maybe I’ll write my name in one if you want.  It’s going to cost more though, cause that’s the way the world works.

The free book promotion is going well.  How well?  I’ll never tell.  Insert maniacal laughter.  I had zero expectations so anything is good really and at this point in the game, just getting my work into the hands of people who might actually read it and tell me what they think is a win.  Really that’s the hardest thing that no one ever tells you.  You can do something great and I’m by no means saying my work is great, I’m just using some amazing fictional work of greatness as a stand in…you do this great work, but until you get people to take the time to notice, you might as well be holding onto it with both hands and giving people who could be interested an evil look when they walk in your direction.

And that is publishing on the Internet!  You’re screaming at the top of your lungs, look at me and this thing I made.  The catch is that the Internet is full of people trying to get their work noticed.  So it becomes a game of who can yell the loudest.  And apparently offering things for free, is a good way to get noticed.  People like free stuff.  Who would have guessed.  I’ve given away more books this week, than I’ve sold since the book was released.  That’s sort of a bummer.  Yes, I still use the word bummer.  Deal with it.

Oh well.  I’m an artist and I don’t care about things like sales numbers.  I make art for arts sake, not to make money.  What’s that, medical bills are overdue?  And now they’re turning off the water?  I don’t need a doctor or showers.

They’re cutting off the internet.

Ok, now it’s serious.

Download my free book.  Read it, then write a review….then tell your friends the title page was more enjoyable than all of Twilight.  That’s right, I said it.  Method of Life


Method of Life

My book, Method of Life will be avialable through amazon, starting this weekend.  You can see the cover here:

I’ll post the link to Amazon, when it’s available.

Here’s a brief synopsis:

The end of the world wasn’t what anyone thought it would be.  There was no great war pitting nations against one another, no booming voice from the sky unleashing plagues and judgment on the kneeling masses, and no great extinction level event, chalking up humanities time on Earth as just another phase in grand march forward.  The Fall came incrementally over the years as economic and social decay, spiraled into collapse without so much as a whimper, almost as if invited.  By the time people worked up the fervor to react, The Fall had already reached the point of no return.

Unable to pay their own salaries, government properties were bought wholesale by the highest bidder.  The private sectors that had seen it coming, quickly found themselves in possession of first world global technologies and the infrastructure needed to support them.  Vast walled off Districts rose up amid the decline of man as self sustaining refuges of privileged society.

For the rest of the world, the rising cost of living amid the worsening climate and economic depression, has quickly thinned out the heard.  A waste of habitation evolved between the Districts where survival of the fittest is no longer just an adage associated with the animal kingdom.  In this waste, relocation camps sprang up to hold back the unwanted; camps that eventually grew into fully fledged towns.  Rosa is one such town and as the twenty-first century draws to a close, two forces from the old world will collide there amid the day to day lives of that that call Rosa home.

Caleb Johansen is one such man.  Raised with no knowledge of his family or his past, his life will come into danger as Harmon McCullough and Creasy square off to take him into custody, no matter who gets caught in the middle.

Harmon must save Caleb at any cost, believing wholeheartedly that he is the key to rebuilding the world, once his truth past is revealed.
Creasy, a man with no hold on the world, must take Caleb into custody at any cost, and use his name as a rallying call to unite the broken world, even if that means killing him.

These two men will come to Rosa as friends, but only one will leave with Caleb in their custody; no matter who or what stands in their way.

Method of Life

Method of Life is a post apocalyptic tell of forces clashing over the life of a young man who must answer for the sins of his father. Coming to an internet near you on 9/1/12.

Method of Life is a secondary project I’m working on, and unrelated to The New Haven Chronicles.  The novel, will be available via Amazon.
I’ll post a longer synopsis in a few days.