essex_class_new_wip2_by_jon_michael_may-d6sqbuuWhen I’m not writing or playing games, I like to draw.  This is what I’m working on right now.  This is the Essex Class UNV Ticonderga, the second ship of her class, in active service as of 2164.  This is the hero-ship that will be featured in the military sci-fi story I’m currently working on.  The idea was to create something that might actually exist, which is why you see modules, solar panels, shuttles docked to extended docking collars, and radiation shields both forward and aft, in a time when the United Nations is at war with an Alliance of Corporations.  There are no aliens, no FTL, and I try to stick as close to scientifically plausible as possible.  Rules bend, but I try not to break them.

*Fair warning, the pic is rather large.  This is also a work in progress.


The New Haven Chronicles – Oribital Defiance exert

Here is an exert from orbital Defiance, the first book in the New Haven Chronicles series.  It’s heavy military sci-fi, so if that’s not your bag, than you likely won’t enjoy it.

Click this link, apparently to behold the PDF wonder.

Orbital Defiance

Solar System Guide: New Haven

This is my first attempt to create a Solar System Map, depicting the various locations and positions of the four inner planets, along with the Lagrangian points for Sun-Earth, Sun-Mars, and Earth-Mars and a handful of important military bases.

Orbital Dynamics (around which gravitational body you’re orbiting, your place in orbit around that body, and the time/power/fuel/energy/ needed to travel along an orbit of that body to achieve a better position to deploy your weapons) will play a vital role in the depiction of combat in New Haven. Almost all space oriented combat occurring during the series, takes place with both sides in orbit of a large gravitational force, whether it be a planet, moon, or Lagrangian point.

For right now, this is a simple guide designed to provide a very basic sense of where things are in the solar system in April of 2164. It could stand to be a fair bit more precise and definitely needs some work in that regard. For now though, it’s just a simple graphical aid for story planning.

Anyway, I thought I’d share it in case anyone else is interested.
This is a work in progress and by no means perfect, or finished.

Orbital Decay…

The first draft of Orbital Decay is finished.  It will take some time to get through the revisions, but I’ll do everything I can to get through it as quickly as possible.  For now, I’ll be taking a bit of a break from New Haven as I get back to Method of Life and finish getting it formatted for conversion as an ebook.  For those that may not be aware, Method of Life is a the first book of a post apocalyptic series I’ve been working on for a while.  It’s unrelated to The New Haven Chronicles, though there are some cross over elements and themes.

I’m thinking of releasing an exert from Orbital Decay at some point, to help promote the release, but I haven’t decided when that will happen and what scene I’ll use.

Until then, stay tuned for more updates.

The New Haven Chronicles Timeline: Part Three

Here is the working draft of the third and final part of the timeline. This part takes us from part two left off, up to the point where the first episode, Orbital Decay, begins. So take a look and see how the war began.

The New Haven Chronicles – Timeline Part Three

The New Haven Chronicles – Timeline Part Two

The New Haven Chronicles – Timeline Part One

Time Line: Part Three…

Good news.  I powered through over half of Part Three today, so baring any crippling hand injuries or major bouts of writers laze, it should be ready to go on Friday.  The earlier the better as I always say….actually I’ve never said that, but it’s true nonetheless.  The sooner I can finish part three, the sooner I can move on to focusing on the next short for the following Friday.

I have three more short stories planned before releasing the first official episode, Orbital Decay, so by my calculation if everything goes according to plan and I maintain the one release a week schedule, Orbital Decay should be out in March at the earliest.  That is of course assuming it’s done by then.  Fingers crossed.

Time Line: Part Two…

Better late then never as they always say.

The New Haven Chronicles – Timeline Part Two

Note, once the timeline is complete, or rather once I have a complete working draft, I’ll combine all three parts into one single document for your reading pleasure.  Until next Friday, hopefully, when Part Three will be ready.