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The New Haven Chronicles…some information

The New Haven Chronicles: An original universe military science fiction series

The basic premise is this, in the turn of the 22nd century, Corporations rose to power to control the technologies required to exploit the resources of space. National space organizations eventually caught up, leading to a clash for control of the solar system between the Alliance of Corporations and the new United Nations. The UN controls Earth and maintains a lose orbital supremacy, while the Alliance controls the moon and Mars.

Humanity hasn’t ventured beyond Mars, there are no aliens, and no faster then light travel. Remotely piloted vehicles are hugely prominent in both space and on land. Sentient or Smart AI is exceedingly rare and a highly valuable commodity. Only four known Smart AI’s are known to exist.

Both sides practice limited genetic engineering. There are no super soldiers, but a number of degenerative illnesses can be ‘removed’ from a persons genetic profile and some general characteristics can be altered or improved. The Alliance practices bio-mechanical engineering, linking a person’s nervous system with various pieces of technology, raining from simple sensor enhancements to full blown body armor suits.

Combat in space is a long distance affair with offensive strikes being held via long range missiles, with either direct kinetic penetration or nuclear power x-ray lasers.

Defense is handled by short range lasers, mid rang missiles, and long range rail guns.

Large ship mounted rail guns are rare beyond small defense turrets. Large powerful ship mounted lasers are also rare due to power consumption and range issues. Also, large ship mounted high output laser weapons capable of damaging other vessels are difficult to maintain, requiring a 1:10 ratio of operation/maintenance.

There are no manned fighter craft in space. There are unmanned drones, however they provide limited tactical capabilities due to range, speed, and the ease with which they can be intercepted via a ships defensive systems.

The series takes its name from an artificially constructed island on Earth, located in the north Atlantic. The island was built by the Pax Tecum corporation as the location to test and perfect their design of viable fusion reactors. The island was eventually abandoned or the Pax for forced to leave, depending on which side you ask, and the Island came under the control of the UN. A multinational peace keeping force, the 26th MEU currently operates on the island as a security force to combat the daily raids conducted by the alliance.

Control of the island, despite its inherently low strategic value, remains a point of contention between both sides. The Alliance sees retaking the island as an important step of reclaiming what they lost on Earth, while the UN sees retaining control of the island and important sign that the Alliance is not the opposing threat is claims to be.

The Alliance maintains a number of military bases on Earth, the largest of which is located on the dry lake bed at Black Rock Nevada. Serving as the global HQ and the most heavily fortified base on earth, the Alliance use the lake bed as an air strip to conduct missions across the globe.

The series tells the story of various officers and enlisted crew on both sides of the conflict, in a manner that tries to depict military service in a believable manner.  I liken the story to A Band of Brothers or Generation Kill, with space combat.  If that sounds at all interesting to you, then check back frequently for updates, leave comments, and ask questions.  I’m more then happy to answer.

In the coming months, I’ll be releasing quite a bit of the story, including the first full episode, a novella, the full timeline spanning from now up through 2163, and a number of short stories….as well of plenty of concept art to give you an idea of what this future world looks like.