Game Design

The Eastern Kentucky University Gaming Institute

Eastern is now home to Eastern Kentucky University Gaming Institute, the first bachelor’s degree program focusing on game design in the state. Starting this previous summer and fall, a host of new courses were offered, focusing on design, development, and publication of video games within an academic context.

For the first time, students in Kentucky wishing to learn the intricacies of game design, won’t have to pursue an expensive out of state education.

The Gaming Institute will host a Game Jam in the Wallace building, Friday October 23 through the 25. Entrants will be tasked with creating a complete game within the 48-hour time span.


For more information on Eastern Kentucky University Gaming Institute, the Game Jam, or students wishing to register for classes, contact Dr. George V Landon:

EKU Gaming Institute

521 Lancaster Ave.

403 Wallace Building

Richmond, KY 40475