Friday the 13th: The Game – Official Announcement Trailer

Local Game Studio Scores License to a Cult Classic

Gun Media, a local same studio based in Lexington Ky, has scored the official license for Friday the 13th license. Originally intended to simply pay tribute to the cult classic horror film series as a game called Summer Camp, the game soon became much more when Sean S. Cunningham reached out to the creative team. He gifted them them the commercial license, allowing Gun Media to become an officially licensed title. Now with the help of the creative talents of those that made the franchise what it is, horror game fans can finally play as Jason Voorhees and strike fear into the hearts of those foolish enough to venture out alone at Camp Crystal Lake.

Looking to create a unique experience for players, the game will feature asymmetric multiplayer. One player taking on the role of the iconic Jason Voorhees, while seven other players take on the roles of various archetypal camp counselors. The counselors can work together to reach preset goals or go it alone and forsaking all allegiances, so long as you manage to survive.

“We’ve been talking about Friday the 13th games for twenty years. There was never a particular good idea. As luck would have it, we pulled it together and here we are,” says Cunningham.

Gun Media has its work cut out for it however because with the gift of the official license, comes with it the horde of horror fans who expect the property to be treated with respect and the game to do their beloved franchise justice.

Having $462,159 of the $700,000 goal pledged thus far with 24 days left to go on their Kickstarter campaign, the project has a strong chance of reaching its mark.