The Plan – Let’s Play

This was an interesting game, if you can even call it that.  It’s pretty and certainly has nice music, provided Suite No. 1, Op. 46 ‘The Death of Ase’ written by the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg for the play, Peer Gynt.

It definitely sets a distinct mood as you move through the various environments.  I’ll be uploading a second play-through in a moment, that shows the slight difference that occurs once you unlock the single achievement, which can be accomplished when you click the credits after your first play through.

Here’s the second play through of The Plan, showing the difference that occurs after you unlock the single achievement.

The original play through can be found here:


Star Trek Online – Tempest Class Patrol Escort

Not a bad looking ship.

The Jefferies Tube

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Patrol Escort Refit: Tempest Class

The Patrol Escorts were envisioned as escorts with an engineering bent. The Patrol Escort Refit: Tempest Class improves on those original designs with greatly improved Bridge Officer seating, a 5th Tactical Console slot, and additional aft firepower that will give Tempest captains new options in combat.

The Tempest comes equipped with a Nadion Saturation Bomb console. Firing the Nadion Saturation Bomb lays down a string of explosive fire that strafes between the ship and its target and then continues to detonate past the target. Any enemy ships caught in the explosions will take severe damage. After detonation, an intense Nadion Radiation Field lingers in space, creating a deadly hazard for enemies. The Nadion Saturation Bomb console may be equipped in any console slot of any Patrol Escort.

The Patrol Escort Refit: Tempest Class also comes with the Aft-Firing Tempest Tail Gun. This unique…

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An STO Playlist

Here’s the link to the playlist I’ve set up on YouTube for my Star Trek Online videos.

Star Trek Online…or as I like to call it, Kill as Many Aliens as Possible

Here’s a few minutes of me killing some aliens in space, specifically Tholians.  If you check it out, please take a few seconds to Like the video and Subscribe to my channel.  It only takes a second and helps me out tremendously.