A Gaming Home, Away From Home

In the lower level of the Powell building, Tech Commons maintains a number of game consoles and games which students can use and check out during their off hours. The sanctuary away from the busy campus is a place where those needing to scratch the gaming itch can go to play with friends or battle against strangers in host of virtual competitive worlds.

Maintaining a wide variety of game systems, including Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo, Tech Commons in the lower Powell offers gamers a place to game outside of their dorm.

Nolan Kutzman, a sophomore Network Security major, says, “It’s a nice break in between classes for when you don’t want to go back to your room.”

12096496_10207110058046387_5057427871790578540_nIntroduced this semester, the Game Cave is a PC/Steam based exclusive gaming haven. With the availability of Steam, the Game Cave opens up not only a wide range of competitive multiplayer titles, but any single player titles that can be downloaded via steam.12106935_10207110058446397_1314099119015241213_n


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