Do you need more Borderlands in your life?


If so, than keep an eye on this rumor. Borderlands 2 may be getting a prequel to be released later this year on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. 2K Australia will head up development in conjunction with Gearbox Studios. The game will follow a younger Handsome Jack rise to power as you play one of four Lieutenants. The game will be set on the often seen, but yet unexplored moon of Pandora and large H shaped space station.

If true, this would make the second Borderlands game currently in development, along with Tails of the Borderlands, which is being developed by TellTale games.


This is likely a way to get one more Borderlands outing on last gen systems, from a trusted secondary studio, before a proper Borderlands game is released on next-gen consoles from Gearbox. It feels reminiscent of the move made with Fallout New Vegas that was released by Obsidian, rather than Bethesda which developed Fallout 3. While environments, weapons, and new abilities are reported to be available in the prequel, like Fallout NV, the game may not include enough new content to truly set it apart from it’s counterparts. Only time will tell however.

For the full rundown of the rumor, which is as yet unconfirmed, check out the full story here:


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