Amazon FireTV…A Game Console?

It would appear so. In addition to the vast array of streaming services the recently announced FireTV will have in order to compete with the likes of Apple TV/Chromecast/Roku, the FireTV console will play games as well. What these games are or how they will be delivered hasn’t been specified yet, but such developers as Disney and EA have been touted. Some games, playable with an Amazon designed controller, (they nailed the offset stick placement) will be available for under two dollars while thousands will be available for free.


To me, this indicates that the console won’t see a plethora of triple A Titles and powerhouses Microsoft and Sony don’t have a lot to worry about, for now. The low price indicates an aim towards smaller indie and mobile games, similar to the ones already available to via Android and IOS.

FireTV is said to retail for around $100, while the controller will cost you another $40.

For more details, see the following Gizmodo articles:


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