GONE HOME to Make Console Debut Late 2014

I usually don’t buy multiple copies of a game across various platforms, but I probably will for Gone Home. This game was amazing. It deserves all the praise it receives.

Another Castle

Source: FullBright Source: FullBright

Majesco’s indie-oriented publisher, Midnight City announced March 10 that they will be supporting the release of Gone Home on consoles coming late 2014.

The first-person “story exploration” game follows Kaitlin Greenbriar when she returns to her family home after a year away to find everyone gone and no clear reason why. As Kaitlin, the player begins to search the family stead in an attempt to understand, exploring each of the home’s many nooks and crannies as the player learns who they are and why they’re gone.

Fullbright Company‘s Gone Home was heralded by many reviewers and gamers as 2013’s PC Game of the Year, often praised for its clever and fresh story-telling experience. No definitive date or platforms have yet been given.

Source: Midnight City Twitter

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