Everything you NEED to know about the PS4

A great article about the PS4. Read up.

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-Introduction The PS4 is part of the 8th generation of consoles. The other two 8th gen consoles are the xbox one and the wii u. The PS4 was officially unveiled on 20th February 2013,  8 years after the release of its predecessor , the PS3. But the world caught their first glimpse of the PS4 only at E3 (the annual gaming convention) The PS4 is a culmination of the legacy of the brand playstation, representing the company’s stand at a time when mobile gaming is at its prime. The PS4 was officially released in North America  for 399$ on 15th November , 2013.  It’s direct competitor , the Xbox One released for 499$, putting the PS4 at a price advantage.

The mighty PS4! The mighty PS4!

Sales and Reception The PS4 recieved extremely favourable reviews . 1 million units were sold in North America on launch date. The PS4 was given the title…

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