essex_class_new_wip2_by_jon_michael_may-d6sqbuuWhen I’m not writing or playing games, I like to draw.  This is what I’m working on right now.  This is the Essex Class UNV Ticonderga, the second ship of her class, in active service as of 2164.  This is the hero-ship that will be featured in the military sci-fi story I’m currently working on.  The idea was to create something that might actually exist, which is why you see modules, solar panels, shuttles docked to extended docking collars, and radiation shields both forward and aft, in a time when the United Nations is at war with an Alliance of Corporations.  There are no aliens, no FTL, and I try to stick as close to scientifically plausible as possible.  Rules bend, but I try not to break them.

*Fair warning, the pic is rather large.  This is also a work in progress.



    1. Thanks. I used a vector drawing program called Inkscape, which you can get for free online. It’s not as powerful as Adobe Illustrator, but it’s free and works well enough for what I need.

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