Better off Dead, Island


Well, my replay through Dead Island didn’t last long. It quickly became boring and tedious. I like that I had the option of replaying the story with the saved progress I made the first time around, though that wasn’t enough to stick with the game for long. The weapon degradation was a big issue with me. I get that weapons break down with repeated use and I enjoy the mechanic of having to repair what you use, being able to upgrade those weapons, and even constructing new ones, but the break down from wear and tear is just far too high.

I understand that rotting human corpses will cause wear and tear and should be difficult to kill and I’m not suggesting that the take a Walking Dead approach where you can easily push any sharp object through a zombies skull. I just want a decent middle ground. Hard enough to kill that it prevents a challenge, but not so hard that it makes the repair mechanic tedious to use. In most instances, I simple knock most zombies down with a general kick and quickly stomp on their head to avoid using a weapon. This becomes tiresome as well however.

Oh well, such is life. I’m sure it won’t be the last zombie game I’m disappointed by.


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