Slow Internet Rant…

I’m glad there is No Demand for Google Fiber  I surely wouldn’t want to download large game updates in a timely fashion, as opposed to the entire it will take to download the 7000mb patch for Planetside 2.

I’m not sure who I’m mad at here.  I don’t even have Time Warner Cable.  My interwebs are through AT&T and while my average speeds are good for most tasks, anything really demanding is out of the question.  My parents got a Roku box for Christmas and have adopted the love of streaming media, like it’s the child they never knew they wanted.  So while they’re streaming movies, I can forget about going on Youtube, or gaming online, or anything else that requires high speed access.

Come on, the demand is there and even if it’s not then maybe do it just so you’re in line with the needs of the tech world, which will eventually force you to upgrade to a new standard anyway.  Online Media is the future and streaming is here to stay.  If you think it’s not, then you’re living in some other reality where JJ Abrams isn’t making both Star Wars and Star Trek.  It’s the future.  That shit is real and if the older ISP’s don’t start catching up, someone new is going to come along and own you simply because you were afraid of change.  In that sort of game, they only have to be marginally better and you lose, but chances are the margin by which they beat you, will end your company.

Someone, Google if it has to be them then so be it, crush these guys already.  I have money.  I’ll pay for faster service and so will almost everyone else.  We’re standing here with money in our hands, waiting for you to take it.  What more incentive do you need?


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