My novel for free, through Christmas…and the Walking Dead Game…

Another shameless plug.

My book, Method of Life, will be free beginning Christmas day, through 12-29-12.  If you haven’t already purchased a copy, than this is your chance to get it for zero dollars.  You’ve got nothing to lose and it would help me out immensely if you download it, even if you never read…though I hope you do.

Also a reminder, if you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the kindle reader app for your your phone, tablet, or computer.


On another note, I finished the Walking Dead Game.  I’ve had videogames effect me emotionally before, but never this strongly.  I teared up during the big death scene in Gears of War 3, and was left feeling gutted at the end of Mass Effect 3, aside from the gut wrenching deaths of more than a few characters throughout that game.  That being said, never before have I had a game push me emotionally through every stage.  The instances I cited, were short and once done, they were largely over and I could begin to move on.  That wasn’t the case with the Walking Dead.

There are moments when Clementine looks at you, and she breaks your heart.  People die and it’s like getting punched in the stomach because you don’t see it coming.  And the end…I’m not sure I can put it into words.

Sure, there are parts of the game that are clunky.  A few times throughout the game, the facial expressions don’t match up with how the character is actually responding, though it becomes less of an issue as the game progresses.  I’m not sure if I stopped noticing, or if they simply got better.  Either way, it’s a minor part.  The game is fun, trying, and the story hits every mark it aims for, often surpassing those goals.

As far as storytelling in games is concerned, The WD, has to be near the top of any list, which is an achievements all on its own.  Forget that the game is fun to play, looks uniquely stylized, and is fully fleshed out.  The mere fact TellTale achieved a story on par with anything the Tripple-A studios have done, speaks volumes, not a=only about their capabilities but where the future of story telling in games can and no doubt will go in the next generation.

If you like games at all, you owe it to yourself to play this.  If you like zombies, play it.  If you like the Walking Dead, play it.  I doubt you will be disappointed.  It’s not only the best game I’ve played this year, or in recent memory, it may very well be my favorite game of all time.

I hope there is a Season 2.



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