The Sensible Thing to do…

Method of Life has a snazzy new cover.  If it’s not showing up in the thumbnail, as it isn’t for me, than something must be wrong in the Interwebs.  Maybe the tubes are clogged.  I don’t know, I’m not an IT guy.  Trust me, there’s a new cover.  Go ahead and click the link and see for yourself.

While you’re there looking at the new cover, go ahead and let your mouse/finger slide on over to the Buy button.  It feels good doesn’t it, almost natural.  It’s as if your entire life has been building towards this one moment.  As if, your sole purpose on this earth has finally been revealed to you.  You’re welcome.

You know what feels even better, actually buying a copy, which you can do right now for the low, low price of $2.99.  That’s quite a deal.  I’m practically giving it away…and starting Dec. 25, I will be giving it away.  Starting Christmas day, you can download Method for Free, so there is no excuse for not getting, unless you hate me and if that’s the case than why are we online acquaintances?  That just seems wrong.

No worries.  We’ll work it out later after you’re done buying my book.

So buy it now or wait a few more days and get it for free.  Either way is cool, unless as we discussed previously, we’re not really friends.  In which case you should make it up to me by buying several copies of my book.  It’s really the only sensible thing to do.  Buy Me!


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