The New Haven Chronicles History….redux

Because I don’t have enough to do already within this one man created sci-fi universe, I’ve decided to rewrite the timeline.  The old bullet-point timeline will still exist and will continue to be updated as things progress and it may even be streamlined some to make it more easy to digest.  The new timeline/history will be more like a history text book from the POV of some observer after the war has concluded…probably.  It will also be much more conclusive and in depth, though at this point I’m not sure how long it will be and through what means it will be released.

I’d like to create some sort of New Haven companion (an actual book with all sorts of art and filled with detail) and I could see it being part of that, but that is still a long ways off.  So for the time being I may just put it up on the blog, if and when it’s done.  I’m not sure yet and there’s still the little matter of actually writing the thing so there is plenty of time to figure all of that out.

I’m still working on the edits for Orbital Decay.  It’s looking more like the release will be pushed to early 2013, possibly January, though no later than February.  I want to have plenty of time to go over it at least one more time after I finish this round of edits and I’d like another set of eyes to give it a once over as well.  Since this is the first book in the series and will set the standard which the rest of the series will follow, as well as setting peoples first impression, I want to get it right, rather than putting it out there before it’s ready.

When I get closer to knowing a firm date for the release, I’ll start running promos and advertising the release date as much as possible.  I hope that I can count on many of you to help me spread the word when the time comes and I’ll get into that more when I know the actual date of release.

I’m also working on a short story, that will serve as a promo itself.  The idea being that many may not purchasing the full book to make the decisions if New Haven is their cup of tea, so instead they can read the short story to get an idea of my writing style and how things will work in the series.  I’ll have more on this later as I get closer to having Orbital Decay finalized and start the whole promo process.

For those that might be waiting (anyone?  let me know.) it won’t be long now.


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