I need to work on posting more here.  It’s not much of a blog, otherwise.

I’ve nearly finished the first draft of Orbital Decay.  It’s taken longer than I would have liked, but the story ended up being longer than I had planned.  It’s also taken me longer to write the battles sequences than I thought it would.  I’ve written fight scenes before and thought they wouldn’t pose any difficulties, but as the space battles in this really through me for a loop.  Needless to say, while the bulk of the story is there, the overall piece is still going to need some work.  I can’t say for certain now when Orbital Decay will be released.  My hope is to have it done and ready to go by the end of the year, but if I’ve learned anything about myself through my writing, it’s that I’m terrible at predicting when something will be done and/or setting any type of deadline for myself.

So it’s best in this case and any future endeavors to simply say it will be done, when it’s done.


In other news, my other book, Method of Life is still sitting on my hard drive, relatively untouched.  So what I’m planning now, it to work on getting Method ready for publishment once Orbital Decay is through the first draft stage.  Taking a break from New Haven to focus on Method, will do me some good.  This way I can get one book out there for sale and then refocus my attention on New Haven with a fresh set of eyes…so to speak.

Between the two, there might also be some other things released.  It just depends on how much I can get done.

That’s about it for now.  I’m getting ready to head out for the evening and need to finish getting ready.  My hair isn’t going to fix itself.


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