It’s been several months since I’ve updated this bloggy thing.  I’ve been busy writing though, so it’s an acceptable absence I think.  By the end of the Summer, tow books, Method of Life and Orbital Decay will both be available for your reading pleasure via Amazon.com.  I’m publishing them myself as Ebooks, because an actual book you can hold in your hands printed from a reputable publisher, is so last century.  At some point I’ll get around to actually publishing physical books, if only because it will be nice to have them sitting on my book shelf, but until then the electronic version will have to suffice.

I watched some great E3 coverage this past week, from IGN and G4.  There were far too many highlights to cover here though.  I’m still not sold on the WII U, though with a more normal gaming controller, that is very much like the 360 controller, and HD graphics, the system certainly has potential.  I didn’t seen anything yet that really blew me away, but developers get a better handle on it, there could be some good games…once they get away from games I’ve already played on other systems.  ME3 and Batman: Akrham City as launch titles.  Really, you couldn’t find anyone to make new titles to replace or out do these obvious ports.  The fact that two of Nintendo’s launch titles are ports from other systems, doesn’t exactly feel me with a great amount of excitement for the WII U. If anyone buys the WII U specifically for those games, they should save themselves some money and just buy a used 360 and a used copy of both games.  Hell, you can do that right now without having to wait for the WII U to launch, do it cheaper,  and have a multiplayer experience that you know for sure will work…or a PS3.   I hear they have online functionality that works…most of the time.

At any rate, Nintendo could have done much better.

That is all.


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